abigail anderson

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey Everyone,

We just returned from Children's Hospital where
Abigail had a routine CAT scan and follow up
appointment with the neuro-surgeon today and we have
some AWESOME news!

As you know, Abigail's seizures had spontaneously
stopped about a month ago and simultaneously she began
demonstrating rather rapid and positive changes
developmentally. We incorrectly thought that
Abigail's seizures were gone for good and we began
reducing her medications. Well by the time she was
med free, she began having seizures again. We were
discouraged and confused by this because it seemed so
apparent that God have moved. Well He did move - in a
HUGE way - just now exactly how we thought He had.

Following Abigail's CAT scan we waited in an exam room
for Dr. Kosnic, a neurosurgeon, to analyze the results
and conference with us. Dr. Kosnic walked in the room
and said "well her brain looks better". Then he
quietly measured Abigail's head while we waited on egg
shells and finally said, "are you going to show us her
brain and elaborate?" He said "Of course," and led us
over to the monitors to explain.

Basically, the excess fluid that is the root of
Abigail's seizures and developmental delays has, in
Dr. Kosnik's words, spontaneously reduced to about
half the size and Abigail's brain has filled in the
space. He said this is really good. I said what
caused this. He literally pointed to the ceiling and
said "the Big Man on the tenth floor". I said that is
what we think too. We have been praying like crazy
for her. He said well just keep doing what you are
doing. He said she is thriving, she looks great.

Is that good news or what!!! Praise God!!!!! We are
so full of joy and thanksgiving and filled with
renewed hope and faith.

Currently, Abigail is still having seizures. They are
becoming less frequent, however, as we ease back up on
the meds. We did realize when discussing things with
the doctor today that she has not had any more focal
seizures. They have stopped completely. When she has
a seizure it is usually an infantile spasm. Most of
them have not been as aggressive or gripping as they
once were. But, they are still serious and Abigail
needs more healing. So, we would really value you
joining us in praying that God continues to move in
this direction. We are full of expectation that God
has more good things in store for Abigail. Yeah

Thank you - Love,
The Andersons

Friday, February 24, 2006

I wish I could tell you things were still going well. This week Abigail started having seizures again. We feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us and we are finding ourselves flat on our face. We are discouraged. Please pray for our baby girl and our family.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Dear Friends,

Thank you again for your prayers, care and concern
during and following Abigail's hospital admittance.
It was a rough week, but we are all doing very well
now. Many of you have been asking us what are next
steps are for Abigail's treatment. Well, we do not
believe we will have to face the next steps. Abigail
has not had a seizure in two weeks! She was having
three to four seizures a day while we were in the
hospital - including the Friday that she had her last
seizure. She has not gone more than a day without a
seizure since she was diagnosed eight months ago -
with the exception of about a week when she was on
that horrible steroid this past summer. She is
currently on about a third of the dose of her
medications. She will hopefully be fully weened of
all meds by the end of the month. We firmly believe
that Abigail was Divinely healed. We along with
hundreds of other people have been praying for this
for a long time. We have requested an EEG to confirm
this. We hope to have more evidence of what God has
done in Abigail's life soon.

We'll keep you posted,
The Andersons

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey gang,
Just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know
we were finally discharged and able to come home
tonight. If feels so good to be home. Ironically,
Dave, Abigail and I went into the hospital on Tuesday
healthy and we all three came home sick. Dave and I
just have nasty colds. Abigail it turns out
contracted the rota virus. We don't know how she got
it, but it is the cause of her vomiting and diarrhea.
She is still symptomatic, but was well enough to come
home. Hopefully after a few good nights sleeping in
our own beds we will all be on the mend soon. Thanks
again for everything.
Love, The Andersons

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hey friends. Well, we are still in the hospital. We ended up having to discontinue the diet yesterday. Abigail went all night vomiting almost everything she ate, and with only a saline solution in her IV her CO2 levels were dropping too low. For those of you who know a thing or two about medical terms - she was becoming too acidodic. It is normal for kids' glucose and CO2 levels to drop during the intiation period of the ketogenic diet and Abigail's were on the rise throughout the week. However, due to the sudden vomiting - they headed south quickly. She was so lifeless on Saturday morning, so the more immediate health concerns superceded the long range goals of the diet. Making the decision to discontinue the diet was absolutely heart breaking for us. This does not mean that we will never be able to try again, but after all that went into preparing for this and all that Abigail went through this week - we will not be ready to try again any time soon.

It seems that Abigail picked up some kind of bug. She developed a fever Friday night, continued to vomit, and is now also having diarreah. The good news is, after receiving glucose in her IV along with a bicarbonate to raise her CO2 level - all her levels are back to normal. She perked up quickly, and other than feeling lowsy with this virus-she is behaving normally. So, I guess our most immediate prayer request is for her to recover quickly from this virus so she can come home! We are so tired of the hospital.

Thank you again for your care and concern. We know you are praying because we having been feeling the Lord's presence and experiencing His Peace in the midst this extremely difficult week.

Love you all -The Andersons

Friday, January 27, 2006

Hey friends. Thank you for praying. . . we need more tonight! Abigail took kind of a turn for the worse today. She started vomiting everything she was eating - even Pedialyte. They started an IV to keep her hydrated, but if she does not start tolerating the formula again we may have to abandon the diet. This would be, of course, incredibly discouraging. Abigail has been through so much this week - with around the clock finger pricks, etc. We still feel very confident that this diet is the right decision for her future, but I cannot bear the thought of repeating this week. Her glucose and blood ph is greatly improved. So, we just need her to tolerate the food again. Please pray that she will start to tonight. Thank you - The Andersons

Please pray for our little girl.

We are still at the hospital with Abigail. The diet is going okay. The big concern is her PH and sugar levels. Her blood is to acidic to come home. They are giving her some medication that will help raise her CO2 level, which will stabilize the PH. Her sugar levels are showing some improvement. But she needs to maintain the levels on her own before she can be discharged.

Please pray.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hello Friends,

We just wanted to let you know that Abigail will be
admitted to Children's hospital this coming Tuesday
morning, January 24th to begin the Ketogenic diet.
The Ketogenic team is estimating that she will be
hospitalized approximately five days. We have
conflicting feelings anticipating this hospital stay.
We are excited to begin the diet because we are
hopeful that we are approaching a turning point in
Abigail's circumstances. However, we are dreading the
hospital experience itself. Please pray that this
would not be a traumatic experience for Abigail. One
issue we are specifically concerned about is her
getting an IV and blood drawn. I recently had to take
her to get some lab work done, and it did not go well.
They tried three times to draw blood and still only
got enough for two of the four tests they needed.
They had a lot of trouble getting an IV into her
during our previous hospital admittance as well.
Additionally, we just have some general concerns about
the whole experience - Abigail fasting the morning of
admission, adjusting to the diet, being constantly
disturbed for labs and vitals. I am sure she'll be
OK, but we would appreciate prayer that she will feel
comfortable, and safe and be able to rest well. Dave
and I will both be with her during the day, and we
will alternate going home each night to be with Caleb.
Please pray that his world is not too shaken by our
absence. We are trying to keep his routine as typical
as possible. Dave's mom and my parents will be taking
care of him during the day.

We feel very positive about moving in this direction
for Abigail's treatment. It is just hard as parents
to see your children experience anything difficult or
painful. So, we would really appreciate prayer that
we would be blessed with the "right" medical and
support staff, that all the details would fall into
place, that Abigail would transition smoothly and that
this experience would be as painless as possible for
both of our children. Thank you so much for your
prayers and support. We'll keep you posted!

God Bless,
The Andersons